I'm sure you want to know what makes me qualified to help you with your project or story (potentially personal) and how I got into the brain-wracking, grammar-twisting, story-crafting mystical art (and, yes, science) of Writing.  

Well, in 6th grade I was really, really trying to understand all that gobbledygook (Merriam-Webster: "wordy and generally unintelligible jargon") about proper sentence structure, direct objects, etcetera, and found out that I actually enjoyed nerding out on grammar and spelling and sentences.  Fast forward to my freshman English class at the University of Michigan where I was so inspired by my quirky, houndstooth jacket-wearing professor that I wrote my first-ever college paper on... Batman.  Okay, it was an open assignment "opinion" paper arguing for-or-against something and mine was about the original 1989 Tim Burton movie.  

Knowing by this point that I wanted to pursue (screen)writing as something of a career and declaring myself a Film/Video Studies major, I decided to take at least one English-related class every semester along with all my film studies classes.  The Film Studies program was the perfect entrée into the scripted world because it focused more on watching, breaking down and writing about amazing, classic films than figuring out F-stops, key lighting, and sound design.  The English classes were a sentence-structure-bending array of fun and challenging electives from Fantasy Novel class (reading and writing about such) to an advanced creative writing class with my quirky, houndstooth-jacketed prof from English 101.  Oh, and yes, I also wrote the first of the many feature film scripts that sit at the bottom of the dresser drawer.  

After graduation, I packed and moved to Hollywood.  Worked in development at a number of companies where a large part of the task is to read and analyze feature film scripts and manuscripts, toiled in the mailroom at a big talent agency, wrote scripts in my spare time, and learned the entire movie-making business from the inside.  Having success behind the scenes in the physical production arena but wanting to still be a professional writer, I then decided to go to graduate school for Copywriting and ended up at The Creative Circus, one of the top professional ad portfolio schools.  

I currently split my time between writing my own scripts (three optioned, two produced, a couple awards on top), reviewing scripts for major production companies and producers, consulting with other writers to improve their scripts, copywriting for a number of entities from wine brands to film festivals to nonprofit organizations, being hired to write numerous film projects for international producers -- and of course, writing pithy Instagram captions.  In my spare time I run ultra marathons.  Lots of opportunity to let my crazy ideas germinate.  

I enjoy the sweat and tears and fears of writing... and I truly love helping other people with their stories and projects because -- honestly -- it gives me inspiration, sharpens my own "tools" and often sparks me to go in different directions or try new things.  


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