Mud & Coffee : Writing, Screenwriting, Editing, Coaching.

Hi, I'm Rick.  I'm a writing and multimedia expert with years of experience crafting all manner of ads, scripts, and copy while also providing no-holds-barred, constructive feedback & coaching to independent writers, film producers and numerous media companies.

After having some of my own scripts produced and optioned;

Analyzing thousands of film scripts for major Hollywood production companies* & producers as well as many independent writers;

Working in development at other film production companies;

Penning features for several magazines;

and working as a freelance copywriter;

I am eminently qualified to help you take your project to the next level or simply get it off the ground.

(*CAA, Film Colony, New Line Cinema, Universal, Propaganda Films, to name a few)

What I Offer: 

Critical Analysis & Feedback, Pro Copy & Screenwriting 

I'm here because I believe my critical (in a constructive way!) feedback, notes and assistance are unique. 

Many other consultants will simply give you critical feedback but often refrain from lending positive, constructive ideas and leading questions to stimulate progress, growth and improvement.

I enjoy getting into your script like a greasy mechanic and not only twisting some lug nuts and rejiggering your sphitzer valve* if you need assistance with your writing, but working with you "under the hood" to make you a certified writing mechanic as well.

I don't just hand out the proverbial fish, I can teach you to fish as well.

(*see Fletch)

Why Mud & Coffee?

Writing – creating – is a beautiful, raw, muddy endeavor. It takes a healthy amount of inspiration, perspiration, and often, coffee.


Rick Baraff  //  //  based in Dallas, TX, available worldwide via the amazing interweb

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