Asher Garfinkel

Founder, Readers Unlimited (LA-based script analysis and consultation)

Rick has been reading and analyzing feature film scripts and novels for my company for years and truly understands story, structure and character.  Clients continually request him to review projects potentially worth tens of millions of dollars as they trust his notes and analysis implicitly.  He can absolutely help take your project to the next level. 

Daron Ker

Founder, Water Buffalo Pictures (feature and documentary production company)

Rick has written three feature scripts for Water Buffalo Pictures, two of which are in pre-production as of early 2018.  His knowledge of how to craft stories and character moments has brought these projects to life and garnered the attention of producers and investors. 

Michael Laukert

Editor, One True Vine Journal

Rick has elevated the content and design of our magazine project and corresponding company media -- our website, blogs, promotional, and sales materials -- to another level.  His ability to create and write in a unique voice makes our journal and our company stand out.  

Brenda Lhormer

Co-Founder, Napa Valley Film Festival

Rick is a creative whirlwind -- in a good way!  He's a fountain of ideas and delivers more than you could expect.  He worked with us to craft media & identity campaigns, videos and outreach materials that have helped the Napa Valley Film Fest grow and take shape.

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